Which version do i need to buy

So, I’m definitely a convert to voyager, i think it’s fabulous.
My question is which version do i need, in my observatory i only have a single mount - ioptron cem 60
In galaxy season i have a 125mm apo sat on it & in the winter it has twin 70mm triplet apos’ on it.
Does the standard instance of voyager run both imaging cameras (Altair 26C & Altair 26M) using 2 instances or do i need the array version

Hi Andy,

thansk for feedback.

  • Base version can handle up to 2 instance but with 2 separate mount
  • Array version can handle up to 4 instance with one mount and 4 different cameras. This on a single PC or on more PCs in LAN

Run 2 or more instance of the same brand/object on the same PC depends on the driver itself (ASCOM Driver multiinstance)

Thanks for the response - so the base version will work, i just run 1 instance with the camera, mount etc & the 2nd instance runs my other camera.
Is that correct?