Whirlpool Galaxy M51 with 150/1200 refractor

Shot with Voyager, my first drag script!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Voyager changed target at 3AM and did everything on its own, wonderful
(Except for focusing, because I don’t have an electronic focuser…)

M51 with refractor 150/1200
prime focus with QHY268M

Lights (filter Luminance) 30 x 180 sec
Lights (filter Red)1 8 x 180 sec
Lights (filter Green) 17 x 180 sec
Lights (filter Blue) 14 x 180 sec
Total lights integration time3:57 hours

Moon 69%
Pixinsight (L + RGB, Deco, MLT, LHE, TGV denoise)



I think this is a really nice result Valerio.
Thanks for sharing and for using Voyager.

All the best