Wish "list" for the Future

Dear Voyager team , dear Leo

I would love to have some kind of " live view " in voyager to be able to work in optics of my system. Specially to do the collimation of my scope . A kind of camera shot , with endless looping and not storing the images taken . With the same options as camera shot . Possibly i am missing something or there is a workaround. I tried with a sequence , but the downloading time is kind of a nuisance . So until now i continue to do this kind of work with sharpcap or APT. I would prefer to be able to do all with voyager.
Thanks a lot for this fantastic piece of software !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



Sorry Stephan,

this is the kind of task for multi porpouse application. There is a dragscript to continue shot that you can see on fitviewer.

Thank you so much.

I did something like what Leonardo suggested, I created a dragscript to generate looping exposures, saved in a folder and have the FIT viewer open to see the output. When I am finished I just stop the script and delete the contents of the folder.

You could bin the image 2x2 to reduce the download time.

Download time is necessary to get the image also without save … you cannot remove this time.
Depends on camera and sometimes on your PC hardware.

DragScript for loop is on the precompiled file in DragScript Editor

All the best

Hello Leo and Blue ,

Thanks a lot for your constructive response. I think that after 6 months of using voyager, i will have to take the plunge into the drag script !! I wish a good weekend .

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