Workflow for focusing with sequence in a dragscript

Right now I use a dragscript to initiate the mount, do a few goto and platesolve syncs and then start a sequence.

What’s the best way to do focusing? Where?

I have the sequence set to inject focus on start and point to an object. (robostar). My question is the behavior . . . It does a precision point to target, then moves after that to the focus star, then moves back to my target.

Seems like there should be a way to avoid having to point to the target twice within the sequence . . .

What are others doing?

If you want to avoid the double slew, put a focus statement in DragScript before the sequences and remove the inject focus on start. Saves a couple of minutes BUT you have to remember to do the focus run using the same filter as the first section of your sequence! Safer to accept the time penalty that is pretty modest in the grand scheme of things. You can also switch over to Local Field which avoids any slews.

I tend to go one step further and do a focus run before the sequences (plus a guide calibration) and have Voyager Telegram me that both are ok. I still do an inject focus on start and calibrate the guider again, and refocus based on temperature delta and after x images. I’d much rather have a high percentage of keepers at the expense of having a few less.


Yeah, after running the dragscript and sequence I don’t worry about the lost few minutes on the precision slew to target, then slew to focus star, then slew back to target.
If I’m watching then it seems like lot, but when it’s automated, it works out fine. I’d rather keep things simple.