WR134 and bubble in Cygnus

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Attached is a recently processed image of WR134, a Wolf-Rayet star in Cygnus that due to radiation and stellar winds has a bubble of material around it. In this case, I’m showing it in OIII light. The area is also full of Ha emission. The image is a HOO composite with RGB stars. It consists of a bit over 3hrs through each RGB filter, 16hrs+ in Ha and 20hrs+ in OIII. I used my 152mm refractor and ZWO ASI 6200 camera. The image was taken from 20 July-14 Aug 21. You can see a full res image at my weblink here:


Really great image, thanks for sharing

All the best

Thanks much Leo. Voyager has really helped me gather a lot of data this summer in between clouds and rain. Even if it only clears for a few hours during the night I always am able to gather some data.


Congrats on the IOTD!


Thank to you for using Voyager … and congratulations for the IOTD. Shared on Voyager FB page.

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Wow, I saw it in Astrobin, lovely image!

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