1st full night running Voyager

Hi guys,
just wanted to say that i bought my licence yesterday & did my 1st full imaging session with Voyager last night. I even got the auto focuser to work - which is a new piece of kit for me so im a very very happy boy.
Im just stacking my image from last night so will post that up in the forum later.

Need to figure out how to setup the webview on my mobile phone so i can monitor whats going on from the front room watching TV with the wife!

Congrats Andy! I don’t know about you but I get all misty-eyed waking up to a folder full of images.

Coincidentally, I just bought my license. I know it’s not exactly per the manual but I tested mine on my remote setup 3000km away :face_with_spiral_eyes:

First night I stayed up till meridian flip, then set an alarm at shutdown time. Last night I just let it do its thing.

I am only doing simple sequences and probably need to ‘graduate’ to DragScript but I’m very pleased with Voyager thus far.

Hey Luigi!
You’re a brave man doing that 3000Km away! I’m pacing up & down like a father outside the delivery suite when a meridian flip happens.
Last night it happened by accident, i checked on it using rdp & it was just finishing its auto focus routine after the flip - truly automatic!
Glad it went OK for you & your setup - would love to see a pic of that & where is the observatory located?

Brave is one word for it :grinning:

In the interest of full disclosure, it is not my observatory (a friend lets me use a pier in his rolloff). For some reason I don’t have too many pictures but I have one taken whilst getting things setup.

The setup is in New Mexico.

It’s my first remote imaging attempt, thought I’d do the Leo Trio.

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That is awesome.
New Mexico - properly jealous of that quality of sky