1st light with Voyager - issues with autofocus

Hi guys,
2 nights ago i finally managed a full imaging run using Voyager after migrating away from other software - everything clicked with me & it worked exactly as i hoped.
I only wanted to run a test of autofocus & filter changes on a target so ran 3x 180sec exposures of the crescent nebula using NB filters with a local field focus routine at change of filter & every 2degrees of temp change.
My focus is way out & its left me feeling a bit deflated. Is there anyway i can get some more experienced people to look at my raw files to see or any log files to see if im doing something wrong etc?
Many thanks

Some general informations for you:

  • Be sure overall that your focuser work well without slippage and you had setting up the backlash compensation and in the right amount and versus (also right versus for focus)
  • Do not running shot if the telescope do not reached the thermal stability

More detailed informations:

  • Focus on all the field (LocalField) works only if you have a flattned telescope and not tilted. This is true for all automation software and the software that have only this kind of focus are really limited. Localfield (like all the autofocus routine using all the stars) focus using the average of the stars and if the field is not flattned will focusing in a wrong way
  • You can use a ROI to remove the not flattned part of field
  • Do not use LocalField for narrow filters focus its too slow (this true for all software using this kind of autofocus) and the stars too small. Please use the RoboStar autofocus (autofocus on single star)

If you have a license what you need is just to open a remote session to check, its included in the license support.

All the best

Thanks for the response Leonardo
I have a 70mm triplet refractor with a 0.8x reducer so the image should be really flat. Great shout about opening a support ticket.
Will do that today
Many thanks

Just an update.
Leonardo remoted onto my PC to monitor what was happening in real-time during an imaging session last night.
He corrected all of my mistakes/ incorrect settings & identified a problem with my setup - the dreaded tilt issue & even made suggestions as to how i could measure & eliminate the tilt.
Unbelievable service & support from Leonardo & once i fix my tilt issue i can’t wait to move forward with this amazing software.
Thank you Leonardo :clap::clap::clap:

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