3 stage camera cooling with same cooling down time

I would like to cool my camera in 3 stages with a 5 min cooling time on each stage. For example from ambient to 0 deg over 5 mins, 0 to -10 over 5 mins and -10 to -20 over 5 mins. I am wondering how I can do this in dragscript. If I use ramp cooling the 1st stage is gradual but 2 and 3 are immediate. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I should have added I have default cool down time set to 10 mins in the set up form and this works for the 1st cool down stage but not for 2 and 3.

Hello Geoff,

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If you want to create a ramp in Dragscript (not easy) … you must set temperature of camera step by step

Divide the °C drop you want by the second you want

Example from -10 to -20 in 5 minute => (-10-(-20)) = 10°C / 300s = difference for each second 0,033

Set a variable decimal with -10, do a repeat for 300 times and each second add 0,033 to temperature and set to the cooler.


Repeat the block for each stage

If you want to use your script attention that the ramp work for delta temperature upper the “No cooling down for delta” value (default is 10°C)

else will be immediate.


All the best