A few thoughts from a new user


I’m just starting to use Voyager and Dragscript. It does seem to be powerful and I would like to compliment you on what I have seen so far.

A few things that I’d like to have seen (apologies if they are already therre) or if there are good scripting reasons not to use them.

  1. an ability to flag an element of a script to jump over (eg as I’m starting using I’d like to jump over the wait for astronomical night I have) when testing.
  2. As well as a block I wondered about a sort of GoSub or Goto->return (to where goto was called from). This would mean a common block can be used if there are similar groups of commands
  3. Rather than simply resume from block in the emergecy suspend it would be useful to have the choice to define where to return to or to return to the block that Voyager was in when the suspend happened

As I said there may be good reasons for not having these as I’m a new user.



  1. use “block” container and “goto block” with a “DO IF Counter” like boolean variable
  2. this is not possible to do, DragScript is not a language
  3. you have the “resume from block” , use it

All the best