A very deep shot of NGC 2841

This image demonstrates Voyager automation capabilities.

72 hours of good lights were gathered over 32 nights in October-January. I had to throw away maybe half of that due to bad seeing, clouds, etc. Voyager was working practically unattended every clear night, taking into account the Moon. I doubt I would have the patience to gather the data if I would have to “babysit” the telescope :slight_smile:

The result is a very deep image. ASTAP reports limiting magnitude 23.3m for green channel. Stars fainter than 23m are clearly visible. So I guess that it is about 24m.

NGC2841 with faint outer regions:

Astrobin: Outer regions of NGC 2841 ( Vitali ) - AstroBin



Hi Vitali,

this is an incredible result. I think the faint outer halo is something really difficult to see in an amateur image of this object. Never seen.

So again congratulation also for the image of the day. Just published also in our social.

Thanks for your words about Voyager and for using it.

All the best

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As a fellow Pixelskies “resident” congratulations on this stunning image. Out of interest, what were the details of acquisition per channel ?

Thanks for your comments!

@Fredd Nice to hear from another Pixelskies customer. The middle pier on the left in Obs 2 is mine. The data for this image has been obtained with an OSC camera (ZWO ASI2400), so it has the same acquisition time for R, G and B. I use drizzle integration to create R, G and B masters.


Fantastic image! Congrats on the IOTD

Vitali, I’m also in Obs 2 in one of the corners. AP130GTX on 10Micron. Thanks for the info.

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Absolutely Incredible result! :+1:


Thanks Jose and Roberto for your comments!

It was nice to see something new in the image :slight_smile: