Abell 21 / SH 2-274 / Medusa Nebula

Our summer here in NC was clouds, clouds, and more clouds. I was only able to run a couple of nights a month. Things have picked back up starting in September and it’s nice to start processing data again.

Here’s a shot of Abell 21 / The Medusa Nebula taken with the ONTC 8" Newtonian and an ASI1600MM. SHO for the nebula and RGB stars. I used Voyager Basic with my homebrew scheduler in 2021, and Voyager Advanced for 2022.

More details on Astrobin: Abell 21 - Medusa Nebula - SHO + RGB Stars - 60 Hours - ASI1600MM Pro - ONTC 8" Newtonian - CEM60 - Voyager Advanced ( Rowland Archer ) - AstroBin


Great job, Rowland. This is one of the deepest medusa’s I’ve seen.



Fantastic job, Rowland.


Thanks @Starship and @rkas12.
It’s not a spectacular many-colored wide-field image, but as you note Glenn, by some stroke of luck and patience it ended up having quite a bit of detail.

A humorous sidebar - with Roboclip and Scheduler I tend to come across targets and just “throw them into the database.” I calibrate my frames every session or couple of sessions, but I don’t do further processing until I have accumulated a fair amount of data.

So I didn’t realize until it came time to process the data that I had “two” targets running - Abell 21 and SH2-274 :slight_smile: ! Yep, the same target. So I had a fair bit more data than planned. Happy accident!


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