Activity log pause

Dear Leo
One question-request
Is it possible to somehow “pause” the activity log (web and console)?
Sometimes I can not catch up on what is happening, so I think it would be nice if we could pause in the line we want and then return to “live” flow


Sorry, my bad, I think in web dashboard is happening…

Is not possible Nikos.
What is on the monitor windows you will found exactly on the log file.


I mean that in the web dashboard activity log, if (by the cursor) stop in a line you can focus on that line without moving. So you can have enough time to read what happened.
In the main Voyager console, it is moving too fast so if there is an error (red or similar) you can not “focus” on that line to read it…

Hi Nikos,

sorry … I understand but at now I cannot pause. Sorry but webdashboard is not a monitor window of main application, you cannot compare. You can referer to log about or enlarge the monitor windows.

All the best

Understood, ok.
Thanks for clarification

Another way to look at this request is to have a ‘suspend scrolling’ feature. When enabled and new lines are added to the log, the log does not scroll upwards, but instead is added downwards. When disabled (default) and new lines are added to the log, the log scrolls the lines upwards.
In other words, when enabled, the ‘scroll position’ is frozen and the user must manually scroll up or down to see lines. When disabled, the ‘scroll position’ jumps to the last line added and the last line is always visible.
This can also be done without a button by using the rule: if the scroll position is not on the bottom line then auto-scrolling is disabled, only when the scroll position is moved to the last line is auto-scrolling enabled.



this is a cool idea - I also sometimes struggle to keep up with the logs as they fly past and scrolling back is difficult to do when it keeps pushing the cursor to the most recent entry.

Alternatively an interesting feature could be to let the user choose the level of info displayed in the log window independently of the log file.

I have been using Voyager for more than a year and I still stare at the log window for hours just to observe voyager do it’s magic but I find it hard to understanding what’s happening because 1) it goes to fast, 2) many lines are not very usefull like frame download during robofocus routine and 3) some lines are not making sense to me like the dome related messages when I dont have a dome.

A minimal setting could look like

  • Sequence Started
    • Meridian flip delayed by 30 minutes - will flip in 2h45
  • Slewing to Target X
  • PlateSolving Successfull after 2 iterations. Error is 0,12 arc sec
  • Choosing and slewing to focus Star
  • PlateSolving Successfull after 1 iteration. Error is 0,14 arc sec
  • Robofocus routine started
  • Focus successfull at 45876 HFD 2.21, will refocus in 6 frames
  • Slewing to target
  • Platesolve successfull after 2 iterations. Error is 0,12 arc sec
  • Guiding started
  • Frame acquisition started
  • Frame # 1 of 10 completed Guiding RMS is 0,46 arcsec.
  • Dithering started
  • Dithering setling time (20 sec) expired. Acquisition will resume
  • and so on… you get the idea

I understand Voyager is an automation software and the log window is not made to be stared at all the time but understanding what’s going on is part of the pleasure.

While we are at it. It would be fantastic to have a search field on top of the log window so we can type in keyword and the log windows is filtered and showing only the lines with the keyword.


If you you want to look at which action are running there is a text area dedicated in status bar:

We will add requests to the to-do list