Add Hour Angle constraint for Mosaic work?


Because of my setup, I have pier collision risk when approaching meridian, and it varies depending on target location. I am working on a mosaic work, and I wonder if it’s possible to add in “exit if HA > -0.5” or something like that, so it checks each panel, and avoid going there if it’s too close to meridian. Normal target sequence has this function, but this is not available for Mosaic project… Thanks for considering!

Another problem here: I have to break the Mosaic project into “before meridian” and “after meridian” parts. Right now what I am thinking is to run Mosaic project from start to -0.5 HA (right now is time-based), then stop (or do some other targets), then start it again once it past 0.5 HA; however the problem is I am starting the Mosaic from beginning again, so I am not really "continuing’ from where left. Is it possible to remember how much is finished, and pick it up from the next panel?


Hi Yizhou,

added to the to do list.

All the best

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