Add 'UDP Transmit' to DragScript

Add a new Operating System element:


Works exactly the same as Serial Port but instead of specifying a serial port you specify an IP Address and Port. This greatly improves the function for inter-task communications by removing the need for virtual COM ports and having the ability to send messages across a network.


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Thank for remember this Craig.

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Cool idea - woudl this work with ser2net type devices?

Hi Paul,
I am assuming that ser2net devices convert UDP packets to serial data? If so then I don’t see why it would not work. But, this is only one way, Voyager does not have any dragscript elements to receive serial (or UDP) data.

I have two uses for the UDP TX function: a) to send commands to one or more 3rd party applications that I write so the Voyager dragscript can control those tasks, and b) to send status reports to remote applications (again that I write) so I can use those programs to do various things that currently Voyager cannot.

For example, I have a program called ATrack which precisely keeps a target on a pixel by changing the RA/DEC motor rates. Before I had to manually coordinate between Voyager moving to another target and AT changing profiles and resetting tracking parameters for the new target. Currently I use the serial port voyager element to do this, but it requires virtual serial ports to link Voyager to AT. With UDP I will not have to do that.


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That sounds incredible!
You are correct, but you’ve reminded me that I woudl of course need to receive as well as send, so that’s a non-starter.

I’ll keep using serial-over-IP until something better appears. To be fair I’ve got my Mexdome talking to my NUC over Ethernet quite happily, beats running long USB cables everywhere!

Voyager DragScript cannot wait to RX data, can only transmit. If you need to RX is better to write your application and call like external app.