Add "Wait Altitude/Hour Angle/Azumith" in Dragscript Sequence Constraint?

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I’d like to run my Array system with a series of targets from certain conditions (altitude/HA/etc) to certain conditions all managed by DragScript; Right now the “to” part is covered by the constraints specified in DragScript (in blue box) without a problem; However to achieve the “from” part, I have to specify a separate “wait altitude” block (in red box) prior to the actual Array sequence block.

Although I do not change the dragscript, or the order of the targets every night, from time to time I do need to make adjustments, and in this way I have to change the two blocks for each target seaparety, which might introduce errors.

I wonder if you can allow a “wait” function in the blue box as well. If it’s enabled; you “wait”; if not, you “skip” as it is doing right now.

Hope it all makes sense and I hope I am not the only one facing this!


Wait is blocking and cannot be used in Sequence if you running it in DragScript, for this reason DragScript will remove it and related parameters of Sequence.

You must charge this operations in DragScript, use Roboclip to avoid errors .
You have also DO IF , this for Altitude, HA date and time. Azimuth is not covered because you have HA that is more powerful.

Best is to use DO IF in a loop. With DO IF you can decide to do else (other sequence) if conditions are right and realize a scheduler.

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I think … if the problem is the probability of error inputing the RA/DEC (if you not use RoboClip) I can add an option in the Wait block to select directly the sequence file, so I will read the RA/DEC directly in the sequence. Can this help you ?

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Thanks Leonardo.

I do use Roboclip, so in the “WAIT” block I do select the target from Roboclip right now, so RA/DEC accuracy isn’t a problem. My “problem”, perhaps simple, is that right now if I want to “Sequence 1” from M51 to something else in my DragScript, I have to change two blocks (the “WAIT” block in red box, and the “Array Sequence” right below it); By doing this, very occasionally I might forget to change the “WAIT” block… What’s your advice to better streamline the Dragscript so that I can minimize my effort when changing targets? Hope it makes sense.

Looks like for “DO IF” block you can only specify “Do if altitude” or “Do if HA”… so a two-layer loop just for “DO IF” logic?


Like I said to you Wait in Sequence cannot be used in Dragscript.
I think 2 blocks to change is acceptable.

This is a simple scheduler based on HA , I hope this help you to see things in a different way:

This way is really powerfull and you can run dragscript for months.

OK Thanks. I think I understand what you say, I also think what I have already is probably a decently simple format to achieve what I want. All good then. I will read this HA-based DS and see where I can improve from it.


Would it be possible for the DragScript to “look inside” the referenced sequence in the “do if HA” loop to determine the RA/Dec coordinates without having to manually enter them? That would simplify things and reduce the chance for user error.

Hi Glenn,

with RoboClip is possible to select the target to avoid error, if you prefer to use the sequence I will do this for the next daily build.

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I would find that very useful. Thank you, Leo.

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