Added a roof controller - how to access in Voyager/Viking?

Hi - first time with Viking…

I just got a KMTronic UD4CR, 4 channel Ethernet relay to control the rolloff roof on my observatory.

It powers up and I can login at its Ethernet address I can turn on and off the 4 "Rele"s (English would be "Relay"s) using Viking “Out Relays”, so it is working.

But how do I use it as, for example, a DOME device in Voyager. Voyager DOME control does not list the Viking I/O card. Looking at the ViIKING tab in VOYAGER didn’t help me much.

My first experience with VIKING BTW.

For the text tradutions in the web page of the KMTronic you must refer to their support.

You cannot use in DOME device in Voyager, will not have sense.

Viking was created specifically for when you don’t have a device with ASCOM Dome drivers and if you want to save money.

You need to use DragScript if you want to automate tab functions in Voyager:

Hi, I would like to just rolloff/rollon the roof from Voyager. I have sensors for the roof limit and will soon have sensors to not allow the roof to roll back on if the telescope is not physically parked correctly. So is it possible to use one of the DOME options in Voyager to control the roof? Your reply says no but I thought I would ask to make sure.

I DO have Viking controlling the KMTronics UDP rolloff motor switch per your DRAGSCRIPT link above after I changed Viking to run in ADMIN mode (Viking release 1.0.33, build 2023-10-19).
However the Dragscript

Answer is no, Dome control work only if you have configured it with an ascom driver and you can only open and close the roof.

You need the DragScript, if you download the Perpetual DragScript (for running forever observatory) you will found exactly the roof management you want to realize:

Aside of this, You do not need to set Viking to run in ADMIN mode because this is a task done by setup when you installing Viking (or Voyager). Please do not remove admin mode to Voyager or Viking.

All the best

I have to (try) to understand the dragscript but your recommendation of a cloud sensor is something I have been thinking about. After looking at the Boltwood, Sky Alert and Lunatico AAG, I think the SkyAlert is the best system for me. Just verifying that Voyager supports the SkyAlert Ethernet solution. I could also use the SkyAlert USB solution but would prefer the Ethernet solution.

Thanks as always for your support.