Adding support for SkyGuard auto-guiding option from Innovations Foresight

Hi Guys.

I am hoping that you will consider including the option and support for the awesome SkyGuard (Full-Frame auto-guiding) software from Innovations Foresight this year. It would be great to see the SkyGuard auto-guider option in the auto-guider setup section. I put you guys in contact with Gaston Baudat (CEO) and his team a few months back and I really hope you will add this item into your feature product backlog.

Thank you in advance and have a great day! And congrats for the new Web Dashboard focuser section! Really nicely done!

Clear Skies!!


I am also interested in SkyGuard integration because the guiding may be less impacted by the seeing.
It will be great if Voyager can support it.

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Like i said in another post there what you ask is not on our plans at now.
So sorry and thanks Andrè to keep in touch with producer but we are really a small application to afford this kind of interaction.

All the best