Additional Notification Endpoints

Hi I have just purchased Voyager, i have been back and forward over purchasing but never hit a point before where I felt I could automate fully my setup, but I have now reached that point where I feel its possible so have made the plunge and purchased.

I do however have one issue and that is sending notifications. i know in this regards this may be completely different to most, but i have my home fully automated and if I could send make a simple http get web request I could trigger automation in my home setup, so for example can have my amazon Alexa devices say that there is rain or the sky is clouded etc… in the room where i am. I can also set off my burglar alarm for example to wake the whole house :smile: but too much of that and i would end up divorced :smiley:

I know others have asked for other integration like pushover for example, but this type of web request would be far easier to implement potentially. if there is a way that I can extend voyagers functionality myself for this? then please point me in the right direction as I am a full stack developer and could take a run at it, but unsure what aspects any “plugins” could control.

otherwise please could you consider adding this as a feature please.


Stuart B

Hi Stuart and welcome,

Notifications in Voyager running if you using DragScript, you have a group of blocks called signal:

In addition there is a block to call external script/application and in this case you are free to do what you want.

Some users have created a script/executable that work really fine and that we have transformed in native DragScript block of Voyager. So if you have some idea just show to us what you have in mind and you’ll receive help about from us and community.

All the best

Hi Stuart

for example I use a Python script which is executed from Voyager DragScript:
External Script: py.exe C:\Astro\Voyager\ Imaging NGC206 in Andromeda Galaxy

It is up to you what the script will do.


Thanks guys… I missed that… very very excited about the possibilities then. I already have an Amazon Alexa Notifications .NET library. I have been using from my home automation software… This will allow me to go direct and not be reliant on my HA server. I can run the functions from the library directly via reflection.