Additional Saved settings for FIT Viewer

I find myself using the FIT viewer very often.

Is it possible to add additional settings to have auto loaded fits use a saved setting/default stretch setting of:

  • Pixinsight Auto Stretch
  • Low lever Stretch
  • RAW No stretch
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Just adding to this to request if there is a possibility to implement changes to the FIT Viewer to save the stretch settings to be applied to subsequent loaded FITS.
Not sure if these feature would be possible, but would like to ask.
Currently, every new loaded image is applied Max Auto Stretch.

I’ve added some examples here

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AutoStrech settings are calculated for the image, same setting for another image will not have the same effects. You cannot apply something different from the 3 levels allowed by FIT Viewer. So user value is not possible to set.

We added the default level from the 3 allowed in the settings in the todo list but have low priority.

All the best

Thanks, Yes they might not have the same affects to new image values.
Hopefully the different 3 default settings might be implemented later in the development cycle.