Adjusting motorised focusser?

Apologies for asking this has already been answered.
When i connect my gear in Voyager, my motorised focusser is initially set to 0 (i.e the focusser is fully wound in). When I run a sequence in Voyager, it fails when plate solving because the image is blurred when it tries to sync my mount.

The only way i have found around this is to first get into SGP, take a shot and adjust the focusser position using the image stats window in order to get a focussed image. I then shut SGP down, and run the voyager sequence successfully. I’m sure what i am doing is rather silly!

Is there a way to manually adjust the focusser position in Voyager so that the image is roughly focussed before the sequence commences? I’m using myfocusser pro and have run the autofocus wizard successfully.

When you have your gear connected, the command tab on the right side of the screen will give you access to see the focuser position and also command a goto to a specific position or step the focuser in and out manually.

If it starts at a reported position of 0 every time and that is fully racked in then that is pretty easy. Once you have it in focus, note the position of the focuser. Next time when you start it up you can go in after you have connected the gear and command a move to that position. That should get you close enough to start a run.

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Thank you so much! I’ll give it a go once the sky clears up again.