Advanced - feature request - additional Robotarget event

I have just started using the “Do if Robotarget event” block and it is quite a powerful block, but would it be possible to add at least one more event to the list?

Would it be possible to add an “Expose error” event to the “Do if Robotarget event” block? That would allow for camera errors to result in aborting Robotarget, (To power cycle the camera in the case of the borrowed equipment I am using now) but guider failure due to passing cloud would be managed within Robotarget, by suspending targets for periods of time before retrying, that behaviour is very effective in dealing with passing cloud.

I am temporarily using a friends equipment (And trying to push him towards upgrading to Advanced, he is a Voyager user as well) and his camera can be touchy. Last night the camera behaved perfectly but passing cloud resulted in exiting from Robotarget with an error a number of times due to the guider failing, or sometimes due to plate solve failure due to cloud. It was still effective, and I captured good data between the cloudy patches but it would be great if I could avoid the Robotarget exit with error for anything except a camera exposure error.


Hi Paul,

sure its possible. I will add.
Thanks for report this.

All the best


Fantastic thanks Leonardo. It is one I will look forward to when you can implement it and will test how it behaves whenever it shows up in a daily build.