After a Window10 update, Voyager 2.2.4 not able to Run

I have a major issue with Voyager 2.2.4 - it was running find a week ago. My PC Window 10 was updated and now cannot get Voyager 2.2.4 to launch properly. Voyager only gets as far as “Sound Preload” then just hangs there. The voyager window is displayed with displayed as usual, but the Voyager start window remains open and hung on “sound preload” line.

  1. I have rebooted computer several times
  2. I have uninstalled and re-installed Voyager 2.2.4 several times - same hang issue
  3. I even installed V2.2.3 - same issue - start window just hangs on “sound preload…”

I do not know what else to try - at this time I am left with an non-working version of Voyager - The SkyX and other apps all work - but not Voyager… Any help appreciated


here is an image of the issue - just hangs in startup:

Dear Jason,

please refer to this FAQ:

Your OS have damaged the windows data settings of Voyager application.
If you dont feel confortable to do yourself please ask a remote support.

For support asking please refer to the license mail.

All the best

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the directions to window data settings - all is now working. Next time i will go to FAQs … I am really enjoying Voyager

Question - Is there anyway to configure Voyager Fit Window with OSC - debayer to see color of the image?

Thanks again!


Great Jason, you are welcome.
For FIT Viewer actually no Debayer sorry !

All the best