AIS6200mm Offset

I have an AIS6200mm. Unfortunately I can’t find anything on the net about the offset value. Which offset value do you use. I always use 100 as GAIN.

Many users of this camera around here but better to ask directly to ASI forum/support or search in a public forum dedicate to astrophotography.

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I use 50 offset for Gain 0 and Gain 100. Works fine.

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very Thanks from Enrico

The 6200 seems to be a “Big brother” to my ASI2600 in terms of sensor specification, the IMX455 chip seems like a scaled up version of the IMX571 in my ASI2600MM (Or the other way around, I don’t know which sensor was released first)

For my ASI2600 I typically use gain 0 for broadband filters and gain 100 for narrowband, both with an offset of 50, the lower gain helps preserve star colours in RGB and star profiles in a lum by avoiding saturating too many pixels. I can run to 300 seconds in a lum with typically only about 1000 saturated pixels and all other pixels lifted up out of the noise floor. I know they have a very well advertised “High gain conversion” mode that starts at gain 100 and halves the read noise but even at the lowest gain they have a read noise figure that would be the envy of just about any traditional CCD anyway. Around half that of a KAF8300 CCD for instance.

From all I have read and experimented with the offset is not a critical setting. So long as it ensures no pixels are clipped to black in calibration and you use the same offset for light and calibration frames you can use 50 or 100 or any other reasonable figure. I experimented a bit and then left it at 50 so that it matches the default in the driver. That way if I use a default gain setting via the driver I don’t need to remember to change the offset.



I use for both the 2600mm and the 6200 the “low noise setting”, i.e. 100 gain and 50 offset.


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