Alnitak FlipFlat Issue

Got all my hardware connected and Voyager set up - clicked connect and voila - everything connected! Having a lot of fun playing with things, taking pictures with Sky X Camera and connecting to PHD guiding, finding things in th e Planetarium and slewing (of course not much to see in the daytime).

I did run into one issue with the Flip Flat. It appears open and close work correctly and you can turn th e light off and on, but the interface doesn’t show status - light off or on, close or open, and the brightness field says Unknown even it I set it to a value and turn the light on. It does appear to work but it would be nice to see the current status.

But all in all a great start!


Ok, thanks for info. I add to to-do and check list.
Not alla flat device supported have this info , i’ll check.


Thanks! Not urgent as long as the hardware works ok, which seems like it is. Hope to do real testing soon!

Isn’t it past midnight there? Get done sleep!


:slight_smile: i’m working on Voyager… or i clone myself and sleep or i clone myself and sleep … no chance !

I have the exact same issue with my Flip Flat as well. Everything works perfectly but the status windows just show “unkown”. Don’t worry, your auto flats will come out just fine! I never bothered to report this to Leo because, as I said, everything works and he’s so busy working on far more important stuff than a erroneous status window readout. Besides, I’m in bed sleeping when Voyager is running so I really don’t care what the darn window says anyhow! :slight_smile: Best of luck to you and clear skies!


Holy Crap! I didn’t realize that this thread was 4 months old! My bad!

Sorry but i dont have a flat to use for debug, when i’m able to have i’ll fix status problem.

All the best

I have the see the same when using the Arduino Flat Device.
You can see the state/brightness being returned in the Monitor window but the Widget is not updated.