Altair native camera drivers

Hi Leo,
is it possible that you can add the native Altair Astro camera drivers. I know i’ve asked previously, since making my request i have noticed more native driver support for different cameras available.
Many thanks

Many platforms already support a wide range of cameras, including some Altair models. Make sure to check the platform’s documentation or settings to see if your specific camera is already supported.

Altair Astro are supported by the CMOS ASCOM camera driver dedicated in Voyager, we do not have developed direct driver for this brand.

With CMOS ASCOM driver you can manage the gain for each single shot. You cannot manage the offset but the offset can be managed in the driver settings and this is a one time operation to do.

Difference with direct driver is only the offset management and a little more fastness on data downloading in memory, nothing else. Quality of data is the same because direct driver or ASCOM driver always use the same firmware for exposing.

We are not interested in develop a direct driver for this brand at now, if you want you can ask for custom development.

Many platforms (!) have direct drivers but there is practically no additional advantage that is really worth it … be careful to think on your own and not by emulation.

All the best