Alternate Temperature Devices for Autofocus Trigger?


My current motorized focuser does not have a temperature output (a DIY Moonlite clone). But, I do have an MGBox for temperature, etc. environmental input.

I’m new to Voyager and very encouraged by its functionality, but it seems it only accepts focusing related temperatures from the focuser itself.

Am I missing something, or possibly will an alternate autofocus temperature input be included in the future?


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Hi Jerome,

I will add observing conditions trigger.

Thank you for using Voyager.


Thanks, Leonardo!

You’re the best! Wow, most times my suggestions fade into the darkness.

I’m continuing my trial period, and STILL haven’t gone outside due to weather, but having success working through a lot of hard and soft ware glitches I used to have. Your program is making things a lot easier (as far as I’ve gone with it).

Looking forward to the next new Moon.


I thought that’s already managable in DragScript? You can create a variable and read from observing conditions, and trigger your autofocusing routine?

Thanks for that!

I’m a beginner trial user just starting to learn everything. I was thinking there would be some kind of setting under SetupForm / AutoFocus or under On the Fly / Sequence Configuration / Focus setup for an environmental temperature input.

I’ve just tried a simple DragScript to point near the zenith, so you can see I’m very inexperienced, but the amazing possibilities from the scripting language is a big reason that I want to invest the time to learn it and Voyager in general.