Amazing customer experience

Just wanted to extend my thanks to Leonardo for the assistance he provided to me this week. I was trying to create a profile for a new OTA and was having some difficulties getting the autofocus to work. He was very quick to respond to my request for help and to arrange a time for an online session. It didn’t take him long to work out what needed to be done and left me with a working focus routine. I doubt I’d ever have figured out what the issue was so I’m really appreciative of his personal support. I can’t think of any other application that provides this type of service.

Thanks Leonardo


Thank you Peter… so kind with me. Really appreciated.

All the best

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Leonardo did the same for me. I had problems with the Autofocus routine and one online session soon had my focuser working correctly.
He is very patient and very understanding.
As a user, I appreciate all his effort in providing us with the software to be able to get the most out of this hobby.


Thanks Doug,
really much appreciated.

All the best