An Elegant Way to Exit a Dragscript - Manually?

As I was developing my first Dragscript I needed to stop the Dragscript and “close” the observatory and/or test the Emergency Events. My only option seemed to be the big red ABORT button, but this just killed the Dragscript and left the dome open and the mount tracking.
Is there a way to manually “Inject” an Emergency Suspend or an Emergency Exit from within Voyager?
A more elegant way to park & close the observatory via Voyager?

Insert an Emergency Exit in your Dragscript and run it from there:


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The only elegant way to exit a DragScript manually is the abort key. This is because you are in front of the PC and you can then safely close the dome and park.

If you are not in front of the PC, let go running the DragScript and if you have managed the closing of the dome and the parking will be done, you can also get warned of the operations.

If you want to test your drag script for what concerns the events you can use the weather simulator (** Meteo Simulator ** :):

In that case you have to configure the weather here:

Remember that you can abort a dragscript and you can still start from an arbitrary block and not necessarily from the beginning (** Start Script from Here **):

If you want, from within the DragScript you can generate an emergency event through special blocks:

If you want you can insert a dead block (which will never be executed) in which you put the closing procedures for the tests to be called by hand in the dragscript starting with the execution from that block.

There is no different way to exit a DragScript because providing an automatic system for closing the dome and park at end/abort of DragScript would be a real risk for the safety of people and the setup.

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Thank you for the answer. To be clear, I was not looking for an automatic “park & close the observatory” button or call. Just 2 new Voyager buttons beside the Dragscript Abort button that inject a “Raise Emergency Exit Event” or “Raise Emergency Suspend Event”.
In the meantime, I’m thinking that I might code a small program or VBS that writes a Single Line Safety Monitor file…


I will put in the monitor menù , where is the injection management for sequence. Not easy to do but its possible. Your request Is now in the to-do list.

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Thank you very much! I look forward to seeing it in a future release.