Another Dragscript question

Since I’m not getting much responses on my other questions, a new one.
I’m trying to understand the relationship between a sequence in drag script and other actions in drag script in that same sequence. For example, if you add in the sequence block first an action to focus with Local Field but that your sequence which follows indicates Robostar which one “wins”?
Do all the actions in a Sequence Block override similar actions saved in the sequence ?

Anyone ? tI realise I need to move this to the drag script forum

I’m just a beginner so might be wrong but in my experience it seems to work like this:

  1. it completes the steps in the dragscript to the point you call a sequence
  2. it then completes the things you define in the sequence until it completes the sequence or any of the conditions you specify cause it to exit or it exits because there is an issue
  3. it then reverts to the next steps in the dragscript.

That would seem to make sense. However, I vaguely recall having seen somewhere that actions within the Sequence block can “replace” was is in the sequence itself. Maybe I misunderstood.

Thanks for reverting.

Dragscript is execution of block in serial mode (with some jump if you need) and with some logic. Configuration of block and running block wins. If you override sequence block configuration you will override what is in the sequence configuration. For example you can use always the same sequence for all target just override the sequence block of dragscript with different target.

There aren’t relation between different block of DragScript. If do Localfield focus with a block and after there is a block with Sequence and RoboStar focus, sequence will run RoboStar focus.

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Many thanks for the answer.