Another image with Array - NGC7129, vdB 146 and friends

Voyager Array is allowing me to churn images more often than ever before. They may not be top quality as some of yours here guys but Array is literally multiplying my acquisition time over 2x!

Here’s a go at NGC 7129 in Cepheus:

NGC 7129 and vdB 146, NGC 7133, NGC 7142 - LRGB

Colourful region including two open clusters, a van den Bergh reflection nebula and some background galaxies.
For a lovely version showing what good aperture and better skies can do for these objects see Bart Delsaert’s version here:

NGC 7129 by Bart Delsaert

I am not sure if the dark regions to the north have designations but check the annotated image as well.

Taken over three nights before the full Moon using a 6" f/7.5 refractor for L and a 92mm f/5.3 refractor for RGB (OSC). See link for details and full resolution versions.



Great and incredible result for your sky Roberto, this is a really nice place in the deep sky where to shot.
Glad your array running so good for you, thank for using Voyager and the Array version.

About this area I shot so many years ago a wide area, I linked if this can help you to enlarge the mosaic.

All the best

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That is a fantastic shot Leo. That region of Cepheus is full of colour and detail. Thanks for Voyager! :+1: :+1: