Another magic result thanks to Voyager: Melotte 15

As soon as I got my new Esprit 120 this was the first target I wanted, as the FOV with my ASI1600 is just ideal for a nice composition.

Once again with Voyager I’ve been able to gather data across several nights, optimising as much as possible the collection of data as suggested by Leonardo, and it definitely paid out to capture the deepness, and all the soft details.

This is about 16 hours total narrowband 10m exposures, processed in Hubble Palette. As usual, thanks to Voyager for allowing us to take such amazing pictures in a reliable and fully automated way night after night!

I now also have my Arduino weather station communicating with Voyager via Python so that I can trigger emergency or suspend statuses depending on the weather and leave all out whole nights without worries. If rain arrives it parks on side to protect lens and sounds the acoustic alert indoors so I can go out and cover as needed :slight_smile:


Congratulations Giancarlo for this wonderful image.
And thanks for using Voyager, really appreciated.

All the best

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Beautiful image Giancarlo, and welcome to the Esprit 120 “owner’s club!” Very nice scope, you will enjoy, and excellent that you have automated your acquisition with Voyager and integrated the weather script.

Clear skies!

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Thanks to you for making the most powerful and reliable astrophotography software we can get :slight_smile:


Ah nice to be part of the 120 club! :slight_smile: It is indeed a fantastic OTA, and very happy I got a very good one…I had a 100 before with incredible flat optics, and this one as well is equally amazing:

Actually I’m also surprised as my whole 14kg setup is still on an HEQ5 (on a tripod pier) and it manages to guide down to 0.50 often, getting tricky only around the flip. Plan is to give the 120 an EQ6-R soon…but they are rare and can’t find them in time on second hand market, so will have to wait (if anyone reading this wants to sell one or equivalent in the UK please PM me!).

Definitely all this would not be possible without Voyager, as it allows with Dragscript and the Emergency setup and the Watchdogs to completely automate and optimise a relatively low cost setup and make it perform at its best like a small observatory even if it’s just an HEQ5 with lots of Arduino stuff around :smiley:


AMAZING. So well taken.

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Great image and super detail.

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Thank you guys! Still one of my personal favourites.

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