Antivirus troubles

Hi Forum. Stupidly I installed the free Avira antivirus on my observatory windows 10 pc and on my first observing run it quarantined a huge bunch of Voyager files and some others, needless to say causing big problems.

I will carefully exclude those files and reinstall Voyager (Avira will not restore).

Should I forget antivirus?
Is there a workable antivirus option in anyone’s experience?

Ok, checking past forums I see Leonardo’s recommendations:

  • add PHD2 and Voyager to the exceptions of antivirus and antimalaware.

  • Problem usually is Windows Defender, there are 3 kind of exceptions: file, process and folder. You must activate all the 3 kind of exceptions.

Thanks Leo!

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Use all the antivirus except Avira … they have strange idea on what to list like Virus.
Or ask their support to update the list removing Voyager, I’ve done several times but probably you could be more lucky.

All the best

I have no problems with Defender in this area on either of my PCs hosting Voyager.