Any word on Advanced Version?

My trial for the regular version just expired. I had been hoping that the advanced version would come out before my trial expired or at least a fairly solid feature list, so I could make a decision which way I want to go.

I think I’m probably going to want the advanced version, but of course it will depend on the features and the price.

I had hoped I could avoid buying the regular version only to find out I wanted the advanced version, even if we do end up getting most of the regular price off the advanced version as an upgrade price.

I will say that at least I got a chance to heavily exercise Voyager during the 45 day trial. I have been very impressed with it. And its resilience is amazing.

Advanced version isn’t yet ready, when we’ll have news about a communications on forum will be released.
Thanks for trialing Voyager, we hope you found it interesting and that it helped you on catch some nice data.

All the best