Anyone know how to control ASA mirror cover from voyager?

I’m using ASA ACC when controlling the ASA scope covers directly but can’t see how to access this via ascom or any of the other cover protocols listed under the “flat and device” tab in voyager setup…


Hi Gavin,

answers possible are:

  • using an ASCOM switch driver if released by ASA or from an external source and dragscript call
  • via script if the ASA provides script to access to this hardware
  • using an ASCOM Cover Calibrator driver if released by ASA or from an external source
  • using VIKING OUT if the ASA hardware have an I/O digital input reachable from external I/O cards with a plug
  • if they have a protocol released and documented ask Voyager staff to develop a new control in Voyager Flat Device (like cover)

You can also ask directly to ASA support about with this new informations.
I hope this helps.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo
the ascom stuff that loads with the ASA software only seems to be covering certain mount operations and I can’t find their scripts for this (they month have that kind of stuff easily available)
I am reaching out to my ASA supplier too.
Am posting on forum in case one of the others has already been down this road!