API script examples

Hello there!

I’m looking to advance my use of Voyager a bit and I’m looking to expand into using the API to help. The use case I’m trying to solve for is really in two parts. First evaluate the nights photos, marking any images for deletion that have an HFD greater than 4 or a Star Index of less than 10. I haven’t found anywhere I can mark files for deletion without user intervention. Part two, I’d like to get the list of file names I’ve marked for deletion and actually delete them. I know this is not a feature that will be built into Voyager so just looking for a way to automate this for nightly runs. I believe the best way to accomplish both is through API’s. But I don’t see many examples of anyone using external scripts to interact with voyager’s API’s. I’m not a big coder myself but I have had some success with leveraging examples to cobble things together.

In particular I’m hoping to see a few examples of using the RemoteOpenRoboTargetGetShotDoneList API key in a script.

Currently I download each filter’s CSV file, run a script to evaluate values, and make any for deletion that match the right criteria, and delete actual files. I then use the import CVS function to update the robotarget DB with the files I’ve deleted. I’d like to remove myself from this process and hoping API’s can help. (Open to other methods as well).