Arduino Flat Panel?

Question…anyone has done the alternative Alnitak flat panel in accordance with the CN forum discussion and used it with success in Voyager?


More than one user have arduino flat box and use it in Voyager.
I wrote the code for this reason, i also added support for a special led driver in a variant of it…

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Thanks for the reply Leo. Could you be more specific about that special led driver? I’m about to do it per CN forum thread, but I’ll use a led panel that I already have. I guess it should work since most of the work is done by the PCB.


Hi Mo

I have the Arduino flat panel working from Voyager. It can be preset to a know brightness and Voyager will set the exposure to get the correct flats for you Camera. Or you can have Voyager try to set the brightness if you need to set the exposure time.

This is the page you need to look at

I am using a Arduino Uno connected to a cheap artists sketch panel.

I also have the Flip Flap addition to the code working from Voyager.

If you need any further help, mail me.




I ask for help from those who own the Arduino flat system in object. A user reports that with Voyager it doesn’t work, I no longer have an Arduino to test it, I imported it some years ago. I know there are many of you who use it.

Two things:

  1. Can you confirm that it works regularly with Voyager and that nothing has been introduced that has compromised the functioning?
  2. Which Arduino model should I buy to do internal tests?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation

the issue may be with which version of the arduino flat panel the person is using. There are two versions of the arduino code :

This version had an error in the code (accidental or deliberate?) that restricted its use to Sequence Generator Pro. This is the version that runs with Voyager.

Another version is:

This version works with all other software, but will not work with Voyager or SGP.

This page explains things:

The first version worked fine with Voyager last time I checked (can’t check now as I’m in the middle of re doing my observatory and things are not hooked up). If the user still cannot get it working, let me know Leo and I will set mine up temporarily to check so you don’t have to buy anything!!

Hope this helps,
Gary in Australia

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Thanks Gary … I found also this change in 2019 that cant be compatible at original project:

This week I Will allow all version to work

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I have one working for cover+flat panel working. Given by one very helpful member of this forum. I know that the original version is made by the guys of SGP. Only thing that doesn’t work is the actual status of it (opened/closed) and the brightness value that doesn’t show if you turn it on initially, but it adjusts the brightness with no issue. If needed I can send you the code I have in the Arduino Uno.


Hi to all,

just arrived my arduino for testing.
I will test the ones in this thread, if someone else is around please send to me the link for download the project.

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Hello Miguel,

Could you please send me the code for the Arduino Uno FlipFlat? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance,


Working on

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sorry for the late response. Here’s my version to make a sharpcap work:

Additionally here’s the theoretical FlipFlat base on the Alnitak version:

Hope it helps

Thanks a lot Miguel!!

Voyager manages so many flat devices, status is not always consistent with the devices so Voyager not update it. Just work with it, status is not necessary to operate.

I tested in Voyager 2.2.14h all the version inside this thread also the last 2 from Miguel.
All works.

Thank you so much

That’s great Leo, allows more options for users to choose. Thanks for adding this!


How about the ASCOM version?

Hi @iwannabswiss have you tested the ASCOM version with Voyager ?