Arduino Flat Panel?

in Voyager the tab for Flat Panel includes a selection for “Arduino” Can you please advise details of what equipment this is used for, and how that selection is controlled? - I am trying to build a flat panel using arduino.

I have made one using Alnitak commands using the code here:

This was written for Sequence Generator Pro, and works perfectly there, but does not work with Alnitak software or Voyager’s Alnitak setting.

I’m looking for ideas to get a flat panel controlled by Voyager.

Hi Gary,

is exactly the Arduino Flat supported by Voyager.
This is the link to CN discussion (somewhere in the page):

Choose Arduino Flat Device in Voyager setup and setup the COM number.
Press button TEST to check connection to flat device.

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Added to the Wiki!


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Thanks for your great work on wiki Rowland

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Thanks Leo!! I had hoped that was the case…

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Rowland, i wish to thank you for the effort you’re giving to the wiki page. it is very useful :slight_smile:

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