Arduino Flat Panel?

in Voyager the tab for Flat Panel includes a selection for “Arduino” Can you please advise details of what equipment this is used for, and how that selection is controlled? - I am trying to build a flat panel using arduino.

I have made one using Alnitak commands using the code here:

This was written for Sequence Generator Pro, and works perfectly there, but does not work with Alnitak software or Voyager’s Alnitak setting.

I’m looking for ideas to get a flat panel controlled by Voyager.

Hi Gary,

is exactly the Arduino Flat supported by Voyager.
This is the link to CN discussion (somewhere in the page):

Choose Arduino Flat Device in Voyager setup and setup the COM number.
Press button TEST to check connection to flat device.

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Added to the Wiki!


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Thanks for your great work on wiki Rowland

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Thanks Leo!! I had hoped that was the case…

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Rowland, i wish to thank you for the effort you’re giving to the wiki page. it is very useful :slight_smile:

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Question…anyone has done the alternative Alnitak flat panel in accordance with the CN forum discussion and used it with success in Voyager?


More than one user have arduino flat box and use it in Voyager.
I wrote the code for this reason, i also added support for a special led driver in a variant of it…

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Thanks for the reply Leo. Could you be more specific about that special led driver? I’m about to do it per CN forum thread, but I’ll use a led panel that I already have. I guess it should work since most of the work is done by the PCB.


Hi Mo

I have the Arduino flat panel working from Voyager. It can be preset to a know brightness and Voyager will set the exposure to get the correct flats for you Camera. Or you can have Voyager try to set the brightness if you need to set the exposure time.

This is the page you need to look at

I am using a Arduino Uno connected to a cheap artists sketch panel.

I also have the Flip Flap addition to the code working from Voyager.

If you need any further help, mail me.