Array and DragScript

So I’ve successfully set up an Array with 2 instances on my PC and am now working through how to prepare a sequence using Dragscript.

I need to include an external program script and so need to use DragScript. (I’ve set up control of an external switch today and can script flat and ArNe calibration images for my spectroscope which is very cool!)

Is there anywhere that sets out how to go about this? The Wiki stops when it comes to this.

My objective is to prepare a routine in which the Master executes a precise pointing routine and starts guiding and the Slave then runs a sequence which incorporates an external script. I’m getting jumbled up when trying to work out where to start the DragScript and in which instance to store the relevant script and sequence. Do I run it from the Master and direct it to run it from the Slave ie node?

If this is dealt with somewhere, please just point me in that direction and I’ll do my homework on it.



You cannot run external script during a sequence in master or slave.
You can run external script in dragscript before or after a sequence block.
To run a script or action in the slave you can use the array dedicated block called “Node Execute DragScript”

Thanks Leonardo

I’ve been working with that. At the moment I am testing controlling the slave by taking a calibration image running a DraftScript from the master using the element you have suggested. I simply turn on a calibration lamp using a script, initiate a sequence to take a single 30 second image then run another script to turn off the lamp. The DragScript runs in the slave as it should (after being initiated in the master) with the lamp switches on. However, when it commences the sequence, the Monitor reports

ERROR (FINISHED) Sequence: This is a Virtual Mount…operations Forbidden

I suspect I have a setting error but can’t see what it might be.

I’ll do some testing tomorrow - but if there is an obvious answer, I’m all ears


Hi Pete, you cannot use mount in the slave. The slave have only a virtual mount driver.
Mount can be used only from the master. Remember that you can manage the slave node flat device from master dragscript if your device is configurable in Voyager.

Please, use support instead forum for this kind of question.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo

Will do