Array exposure syncing

Is it possible to have nodes in Array run 2 different exposure times?

For example, if I were doing 30s Red subs on Node 1, and 180s HA subs on node 2, then set dithering to happen every 2 exposures of node 2. This should result in node 1 continuing to take exposures until node 2 finishes its second sub, meaning node 1 will take 5 subs and then pause for the dither correct?

In addition, if autofocus is set to run on time interval, such as every 2 hours, and then the time for AF comes, Array will pause exposures on the shorter sub node, wait for the longer sub node to finish its current exposure, then run AF on both nodes correct?

You can use different exposure in the 2 nodes and different filter without problems. when its time to dithering the other nodes wait for who are yet exposing (but this depend on kind of dithering you are using, Voyager Array have a really advanced dithering options)

Again also the autofocus is in sync.

This is a short list of the array version features, inside you can find also what is in sync:

  • Master - Slave Technology with Application Server Communication System
  • Single PC multi instances or separate PCs
  • Works in Local, LAN/WAN or mixed Mode
  • Guide calibration, Guide execution and Dithering are Syncronized
  • Advanced Dithering System managed by Single Node, Multiple Node or Full Nodes
  • Centralized and Syncronized AutoFocus with RoboFocus on single star and LocalField on multiple Stars
  • Syncronized Meridian Flip
  • Single Mount
  • Centralized Dashboard Management on Master
  • Centralized Sequence Editor on Master
  • Integrable in DragScript
  • All the Base License feature are included, also in Slave Version.

All the best

Thank you, I have Array configured in a way that I believe will accomplish what I am describing I just haven’t had a change top test it yet due to clouds and wanted to make sure I was doing it right before I head out into the field this weeken.