Array Users First Virtual Meeting

Hello ARRAY users,
I would like to organise a virtual meeting between all Array users to share our experiences and setups.

The topic is completely free: eg. presentations, shooting technique, best practices, tips, etc.

In order to organise as better as possible, I need to know roughly the attendees time zones?

Thanks in advance to everyone wants to join.

I’ll send the Google Meets ID and Date/Time as soon as possible.



I would be interested. UTC-6:00 here

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The same time @Kristijan :wink:

I’m in London Kristijan.


We are UTC -5



I’m interested in participating but I’m the odd one out on 2 counts. I’m using Array for spectroscopy not AP and I’m in Sydney, Australia - UTC + 11. I suspect its a bit hard to fit me in but let me know where you end up and I’ll join if I can


I am UTC time zone, Thanks

Has this meeting been held already?
If not, i would be interestd also.

David Cejudo.

Hi @Roberto_Botero @Michele_Mazzola @talbotj @ampleamp @PAV @AstroGabe

The meeting is scheduled next Sunday 7th of Jan at 10PM CET (2PM UTC-6 for @AstroGabe ; or 8AM UTC+11 next day for @PAV)

Attached the invite

VOY Array
Domenica, 7 gennaio · 10:00 – 11:00PM
Fuso orario: Europe/Rome
Informazioni per partecipare di Google Meet
Link alla videochiamata:


In the diary Kristijan.


Thanks Kristijan

Looking forward to this


Working this evening. If back in time will join