ASCOM 6.6 - Ok to install?

Hi Leonardo

ASCOM Platform v6.6 was released last week. Is it ok to upgrade with the current version of Voyager?


You really need to install it ? if you don’t need it there is no reason to update things and be a tester. Unfortunately I don’t know how to answer you, I hope they did their internal checks before publishing it. Voyager side does not change anything. Try to see in the ASCOM forum if any user who installed it has problems.

All the best

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It’s an official release so I assume there has been plenty of testing by the ASCOM developers. I do not have a need to install it yet but asked the question in case Voyager is making use of any of its particulars. The Alpaca project seems to be progressing quite well and they have included new protocols for image transmission over Alpaca devices.
I assume you will tell us when it’s a requirement?


Hi Roberto,

Voyager work with version 5.x and newest. If you have version 6.5 be sure to have at least the SP1 installed.
For some kind of device , like ASCOM device cover calibrator the version 6.5 are obliged.

So depends on your devices which ASCOM version is needed.
At now any of features of Voyager need the 6.6 version or I will inform user about.

Alpaca and download time of camera with big sensor is a pain, I hope they have enanched the things.
No dedicate support for Alpaca in Voyager at now, just what work with normal ASCOM selection.
Probably camera optimization will need dedicated driver in Voyager for ALPACA but nothing in plan now.

All the best