ASCOM Cover Calibrator Users

I’m adding this device

Some info about who use self made system needed.
Please list here your device, you will receive a special daily build for testing.

All the best

Hi Leonardo,
I just night, have tested my covercalibrator written in ALPACA for ASCOM and consider it ready for use.
I would be delighted to test my device with a daily build of Voyager. Especially since this is what I requested.
Many thanks

Hi Mike,

let me know if all work fine … I just tested with ASCOM simulator because I dont have anything else.
You can use up to 2 at same time in Voyager.

Some settings about:

All the best

Working on it now.
I think there are a few oddities going on.
I installed the version of Voyager in the daily build
I already have ASCOM 6.5 sp1 installed
I configured an ASCOM driver entry for the ALPACA device
I configured a simulator telescope, filter wheel and camera, Carte deCiel planetarium and the cover calibrator device.
Create a simple sequence with flap open set for the start tab and close for the end tab.

Click connect
The cover opens

goto onthefly and start the sequence, the clover receives another call to open ( which it ignores and remains open )
On completion of the sequence, the close doesn;t fire.
On disconnection, the flap is not closed as part of or prior to disconnect .

I have three log files to send to demonstrate, my Voyager log, the telnet debug device log and the ascom debug log.
I can demonstrate it opening and closing via the ALPACA rest calls using curl directly.

So results
#1 - it opens on connect without the sequence open request . I suspect that’s not desired.
result #2 it doesn’t close at disconnect. that would be desired, or at least optional.
result #3 it tries to open at the start of the sequence as expected.
result #4 it doesn’t close at the end of the sequence as expected.

Would you like the logs by email ?

I discovered the option to close the flap is in in the sequence goodnight section and needs to be enabled.
I also have only started playing with teh command widget.
So far, the button-based open/close works fine.
The brightness setting less so, but I don’t know if its my code yet. so not making any claims.

Hi Mike,

sequence working fine since years so what I asked to test is the single command of ASCOM Cover Calibrator implementations in Voyager. Please not use the sequence but just the command on the widget.

Report the Voyager log about, you can activate the ASCOM Extend info here (remember to remove when test will be finished, is just so heavy for Application normal run):

Thank you so much for your time and all the test and reports. Really appreciated.