ASCOM CoverCalibrator Driver Support?

I apologize if this isn’t the correct location.

I have recently built my own flip-flat device, using the new ASCOM CoverCalibrator driver, and would like to incorporate it with Voyager. However, there is currently no option to use an ASCOM device in the Flat & Device section. Is this something that can be added or already in the works?

Thank you.


no support at now but we can add. Its just open and close or also have light and brightness control ?

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That’s great, thank you.

The one I built does all of it. You can open/close the flap, turn on/off the light, and adjust the brightness.

The driver was designed to support all types of configurations. One option is like mine, which includes all of the features. Otherwise, the device may be only a flip-flat without a light panel, so only open/close is required. Or it may be only a light panel that can be turned on/off, which may or may not also have brightness control.

Perfect , because if your had only open and close cover we cannot import in Voyager (isn’t a flat device), for this reason i asked.

All the best