ASCOM Driver for FLI Filter Wheel Not Available


I have an FLI CFW 2-7 filter wheel and have loaded the ASCOM driver for this filter wheel. If I go into SGP I can see the FLI filter wheel as a choice in the ASCOM drop down…but it is not shown in Voyager?

How do I get Voyager to find the driver for this filter wheel?

Like sgp, open filter wheel choose ascom like type and choose your driver. If you don’t see please install fli ascom driver.

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Hi Leo,

That is the point though…I have installed the driver…SGP see it but Voyager does not. It might be that I installed the 64bit ver of the driver and I believe I need the 32bit ver for Voyager??

Voyager work in 32 bit mode. All the programs use ascom in the same way , all the ascom filter wheel work with the same code … so I don’t think the problem is in Voyager.

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The SGP dropdown shows a mix of native and ASCOM related drivers, without distinguishing which one is which. In this case, SGP shows “FLI USB Filter Wheel” which is actually a native mode FLI wheel driver SGP wrote for their software, and not an ASCOM driver.

There are a few options for ASCOM wheel support for FLI:

  1. Install Harmut’s FLI Wheel ASCOM driver – this may prove difficult to do, as the Yahoo Group no longer has the content available, since they removed all user content from Groups.
  2. Install the latest Kepler ASCOM Driver Package from FLI, which has beta ASCOM drivers in it for non-Kepler cameras, as well as a filter wheel driver.

#2 seems like the best option. Be sure to test it out though.


Since I linked to it and mentioned it, the FLI beta driver included in the Kepler package should not be considered completely stable. I did testing of the ML16200 camera and ran into serious problems with changing modes, blank 0 data frames being downloaded, etc. This may not be a problem on 8300 cameras (i.e. ML8300/PL8300) as they do not have multiple download modes. As always be sure to test the driver out completely before you trust it!