ASI camera fans & cooler still running after Warmup (intermittent)

I’ve logged a support email with Leonardo, but I thought I’d see if anyone in the community running a similar setup to me is seeing a similar behaviour. I run a robotic dome setup, so I often get up in the morning to the happy prize of lovely folders full of data from Voyager. This is the best thing about Voyager.

My Dragscript is set to Warmup the camera at the end of every night, but sometimes I notice that the camera temperature isn’t at ambient, but instead at a low but not “cooled” value eg: 3.7C (I cool to -15C).

It’s only sometimes, I suspect it is a problem with my setup, but I can’t figure out if there’s a pattern to the steps I am taking that creates the problem (I thought that maybe TheSkyX64 might be the source of the problem if I ever connect the camera to it first, but it doesn’t look like it).

Again, NOT looking for support to FIX the problem (I have logged an email already for that), I am trying to figure out if anyone else is running a similar setup (TheSkyX64, ASI6200MM) and has ever seen this happen before.

Hi Paul,

Cooling and warmup is something equal for all cameras and doesn’t depends on brands. At finish of warmup power of camera will be switched off. Have you tried to open a support request to ASI and TSX ? (TSX camera add on plugin for ASI is directly developed by ASI).

About support request in Voyager I do not have open anything about, May you send the log about ?

All the best

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Thanks Leonardo - I’ll resend the email. Haven’t logged a support request yet, it’s only happening in Voyager with teh Voyager native ZWO drivers, I haven’t seen the problem in TSX - but I’ll take this offline, it’s probably a problem with my computer!

Thanks Leo for following this up - I was sending to the wrong email address! Leo’s made a few hardware tuning suggestions related to USB power saving modes and also bypassing the UPBv2, I’ve implemented them, now to see if that fixes it!