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First time setting up Voyager to do a mosaic. I wanted to go simple. 2 pane sadir B area. I had everything created and the script was ready to go. Each pane was to do 90 second subs 90 total. Group by Slot was selected and Repeat Loop Mode was set to just one time. It ran the first pane but never stopped after the 90th sub. I forced a stopped made it start on pane 2 just so I could get some date on that. Not sure what was wrong there.
I assembled today in Pixinsight and here is what I got. I see this type of stuff a lot. Is that just an alignment issue and I need to help it find the primary star? Really not sure of anything with Mosaics to any insight you guys would have for either issue would be greatly appreciated.

Did you set up the mosaic in the web dashboard virtual FOV? If so can you call that back up and put up a screenshot? That would let us see what your intended framing was. It looks for instance as though you were perhaps looking to frame the image much as it is but with the camera rotated by about 45 degrees, where the two panes would then line up end to end (With hopefully an overlap)

If you set up a mosaic or even a single image, you can see in the virtual field of view what your camera angle should be. Then you can use plate solving in the on the fly section to guide you as you rotate the camera to match.

Sure. I have attached both. They were supposed to have been side by side. I figured all was OK when I saw RA was offset but Dec was the same.

It is a bit hard to pick at the moment, I am trying to figure out if it is an issue with the framing of the two panels, or a registration issue in putting it together. What software are you using to build the mosaic?

It appears to me that you are setting up the Mosaic with wrong camera angle. Your actual images are maybe 30deg clockwise more rotated than what you specified in Virtual FoV. The two frames have the correct center but orientation is not as you expected.

Configured and acquired in Voyager. Pixinsight for processing

Pixinsight for all the processing

yzhzhang, that was my first though as well, it is a little had to see in the small size image.

For ehorton, could you post up a single image sub from each pane? A quick download and plate solve will tell all about angles. I had a look via my web dashboard and it looks as though you had it set for 0 degrees camera angle? Also, it looks as though you have the “Mosaic tiles rotation mode” set to “Adjusted”, unless you plan to change the camera rotation panel by panel (Or you have an electronic rotator) you are better off setting it to fixed as it will give you a better idea of what you are going to get.

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I grabbed the mosaic image, cropped to include only one frame in photoshop and plate solved it via online. It gave me “Up” being 341 degrees east of “north” which sounds to me like you need to rotate the camera about 20 degrees to match up to your desired orientation.

Repeated plate solving in the on the fly section will give you feedback to match the camera up to the orientation you need.

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Wrong PA ?

You must plate solve your position and update the PA of your camera if you want to get a right mosaic.
Set the value of your PA on VOyager camera setup and save profile for the next times.

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Guys, thank you so much, I think you have found the problem. I knew the PA of the camera was 18 degrees. My ignorance of the role it played is what caused the problem. Let me summarize and correct me if I"m wrong. Since I knew there was a 18 degree angle, I should have framed it with the PA set to 18 instead of 0. And changed the rotation mode to Fixed not adjusted. Otherwise I would have had to adjusted the camera to 0 degrees. Is that all about right?

Any thoughts on why it continuously takes subs on the first pane and never switches to the second after the desired number of subs has been reached?

Right, remember to save the PA in voyager setting camera tab.
You can disable the second panel and get the right number from the first, after reset the panels flag to enabled and restart the mosaic.

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Thank you. I have updated the camera angle. I never realized that setting was in the camera setup tab. I might have missed it but why won’t it move to the second pane after the 90 subs in the first are complete?

I cant answer on why , just log can tell about. Mosaic action loop on panels so or is disabled or is under the altitude constraints.

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If you can rotate the camera then you can dial that in to the 0 degree mark so it matches the orientation in the virtual field of view, or adjust the angle in the virtual FOV if you like the framing better that way and the use plate solving to dial the camera in. If you are going to use a fixed camera orientation, do use the fixed angle setting, that has the virtual FOV show what you will end up with coverage wise to avoid any gaps, the adjusted one calculates a camera angle for each panel to line the edges up square which is great of you have a rotator.

Hi Eothrin,
you need to check your camera Position Angle. This is a tipical issue when you start to design a mosaic without get the correct camera orientation. I suggest to retreive it automatically from webdashboard with a plate solve. This can be useful if you don’t have an observatory (movable setup), so every time you can check the actual PA. In case you have a stable setup in observatory you can set in Voyager the actual PA and this will be sent to WebDashboard at connection.
Here a screenshot for direct plate solving from Virtual FoV in WebDashboard, and Voyager settings for fixed position.
I repeat, is indispensable to set correctly PA in VirtualFoV before design a mosaic or plan a frame.

It could be a good practice to mark, also with a little sign, the camera orientation on your connection or focuser, so you can reproduce every time the same alignment.

Of course If you have a camera rotator you can set every time your preferred orientation.
For any further clarification do not hesitate to ask other.
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Gentlemen, thank you. This has been so helpful and I apologize for my ignorance. I will look at the log and see if I can find the problem with not moving to the second pane. If not, I will post and maybe you more experienced people can help. As a side note. Thank you both for the development work on Voyager and the Web Dashboard. It is truly a remarkable piece of software.

The logs are not in a format that I can upload. But as I look at it, it seems it could be related to the Repeat Loop Mode. I had it as Just One Time. Is this correct or should it be one of the other settings. I also have it set to not allow meridian recrossing during a loop.

You are welcome.
Only a general clarification, if you want to use the old mosaic saved at PA 0° you need to put your camera PA at 0 deg to work, then if you want use your actual camera PA you need to make a new mosaic with updated PA and save it again.
The PA inevitably affects the center of panels due the edge alignment required for a good Mosaic project.