Atik 460ex CCD camera & Voyager

Dear all,
I was wondering if anyone else has an ATIK 460ex CCD camera which they use with Voyager as I do? My ATIK 460ex mono CCD is used with Voyager regularly to very good effect using driver version However, my my question is, if you have the above camera yourself, what is the driver version you use for it. Currently my driver version is and I was wandering if it would be safe to update to a newer driver and maintain full operational functionality with the excellent Voyager software. Thank you.

Hi, I use extensively an atik 460ex. I am using the latest version of atik software without any issue.



Dear Jose,
Upon your reply to my question, I have downloaded the latest ATIK core software today, 17th, January 2021 and installed it. I have yet to test it with my telescope and will do so when I next have a clear sky.
I trust you had no temperature control issues as I did when using Voyager after installing one level higher than my original ATIK driver.
I am a very cautious older retired person who does not want to be fighting software issues in favour of spending time acquiring images.

     Best regards, Steve. UK, North East Coast.

Voyager use ascom driver for your canera and is equal for all.cameras If not work open a ticket to atik developer.

All the best

Hi, no problem at all with temp control. I used to control the camera using TheSkyX X2 driver, however, after an update the X2 driver was broken and I switched to ASCOM without any issues.

One thing that I liked about X2 driver is that it exposed different read modes, the ASCOM driver only exposes the high-quality mode which is the slowest. No big deal.

I also noticed that the camera doesn’t like long USB cables…