Autofocus and Logs


Just getting started with Voyager and finding it excellent.

However, one problem and a question. It is probably failure to click the right boxes, but I can’t identify what to do next.

I have successfully set up my focusing and created a v-curve. I have used Autofocus with the RoboFire Local Field and with Voyager AcquireStar from the OnTheFly tab and they work fine.

I set up a sequence and specified Point Target and Inject Focus in the On Start tab and Inject Focus on the Meridian Flip tab.

It does the Point Target bit OK, but says it can’t do the Autofocus either on start or after meridian flip.

Ah! I think I may have answered my own question. On the Focus tab, I have the default Focus Star selected (which I had assumed was the Voyager Acquire Star option). Should I have selected the RoboFire option?

Clouds forecast for the next couple of nights, but I can test then.

However, when I was trying to understand what was happening, I was looking for the messages that appear in the Monitor window in the various log files that Voyager generates. I couldn’t see them. Are they stored somewhere (or can it be specified), or are they all the INFO messages in the log file? I tried text searching for the relevant messages, but I could not find them.

If they are not stored, that’s fine, I just have a feeling they are in there somewhere!

Welcome @old_eyes ,

Voyager can use various method for autofocus, Focus star mean you must specify a star coords for pointing the focus star. If you want Voyager choose for you use RoboFire option. This option also decide the star based not only on position but also avoiding meridian change and the right mag according the filter.

More info here:

For the messages in monitor, all reported are always saved in log files divided by day.
You’ll found here :

All the best

Many thanks. I misunderstood the options for autofocus. Since I didn’t provide focus star location, Voyager very sensibly refused to attempt autofocus. Will fix next time I get a chance to use.