Autofocus doubt

We have been working with Local field autofocus and we have realized that in the top of the window innred become a message “ LOW CONFIDENCE”, what does it mean?
Is something that we have to worry about?

What are the HFD figures down the side? It looks like a quite flat range.

Have you run the focus first light wizard and used the figures determined from that (Automatically) in localfield?

Thanks for your answer,
Sincerely, I cannot remember.

It looks to me like the very bottom of the V-Curve in your picture so I’m not surprised it says ‘Low Confidence’. You will need to use a much expanded range so that the curve does not look so flat; The lines on mine are generally around 45 deg. and look fairly straight, only curving to look like yours at the very bottom. First light wizard should do a pretty good job unless you’ve tweeked the parameters.


Thanks Rober and Paul,
I attached some screens if you can see something wrong

Before anything else, I would save a backup of your profile and then re run the focus first light wizard (Including having Voyager slew to a suitable focus star first) I do not normally use localfield focus as I find V curve mode very effective for my optics and very quick, but I recall the shape the focus points made in localfield being noticeably steeper. I used to use Localfield when I was using an SCT to image as it’s image plane was not particularly flat.

I mention saving a backup profile so if you run in to any issues with the first light wizard you can change to the backup and still e able to image with the profile you have now.

The only possible thing I see is the IN & OUT limits of 24000 and 30000 might be a little tight. Find out what’s your absolute maximum focuser position (maximum racked out focuser position) and set IN limit to 0 (focuser all the way racked in) and OUT limit to your absolute maximum minus maybe 100 steps.

If you’ve never used focus first light wizard, I highly recommend you do that. This creates a focuser model and will help create nice V curve graph for each auto focus.


Thanks, for the messages.
We made the first light wizard.
In the single star mode we don’t have problem.
Yesterday night we were making a session and we use Localfield, for my surprise the autofocus went well!
Now I’m really confuse.

Low confidence means fit curve and real curve is really not comparable.

You should not run the LocalField autofocus without running before a First Light Wizard. LocalField use data from the first light wizard. Also if you change optical specific (reducer or similar), camera, focuser you must redo the wizard.

My suggestion is to use the Voyager support for this kind of things.

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