Autofocus settings


still preparing my set-up so no access to my equipment. Considering I have a F4.5 scope (130mm aperture), use a ASI6200 (so very sensitive) and will use with LRGB and SHO (3nm) any recommended settings:

  • star magnitude settings. Per existing (broad and narrowband) or should I target lower magnitude for L, LRGB ?
  • Any other recommended setting ?
  • Finally, what is the use of “Not use local field in sequence” since in your sequence you already chose Robostar or Localfield ?

Using the default and run the first light wizard., probably for L you can shrink to 6-7 Mag. Remember to point the star before begin whit green button above the first light wizard.

“Not use local field in sequence” is referred to the single filter … in sequence is referred to all filters. If you dont want to use localfield for narrow (that is something really true) and you a sequence with all fitlers narrow and broad , check in the filter definition and in sequence use localfield. For narro in this sequence the focus will be with single RoboStar.

All the best

Understood. Thank you